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Outline of “Institute of GeoHistory” Opening Events

2017年9月21日 (お知らせ)

date: October 14 (Sat), 2017 – October 15 (Sun), 2017
place: Yoshii-Kaikan, 136-1, Susai, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama 701-2503
(Tel: +81-86-954-1379)
Okayama International Center, 2-2-1 Houkan-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama 700-0026
(Tel: +81-86-256-2905)
Organizer: Non-Profit Organization (NPO) “Japan Geochronology Network (jGnet)”
Co-Organizer: Akaiwa-city
Support: Okayama-prefecture, Board of Education of Akaiwa-city, The Geological Society of Japan (GSJ), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Hiruzen Institute for Geology and Chronology (HIGC).
  1. Opening Festa in Yoshii (Akaiwa city)
  2. date: October 14 (Saturday), 2017
    place: Yoshii-Kaikan, 136-1, Susai, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama 701-2503
    (Tel: +81-86-954-1379)

    (1) Reception (10:00 – 10:30)
    (2) Opening ceremony (10:30 – 11:00)
    Opening remarks
    by Dr. Tetsumaru ITAYA, a president of jGnet, and Dr. Takenori TOMOZANE, a mayor of Akaiwa city.
    Introduction to “Institute of GeoHistory”
    by Prof. Yo-ichiro OTOFUJI, the chief director of IGH (jGnet)
    (3) Special lectures (11:00 – 12:00)
    by Prof. Tatsuki TSUJIMORI (Tohoku Univ.) and Dr. Susumu NOHDA (jGnet)
    (4) Friendship Program (12:00 – 16:00)
    promotion by Akaiwa-city, stands for foods, drinks local specialties, advertisement of companies, etc.
    (5) Science Program (12:00 – 16:00)
    “Seamless Digital Geological Map of Japan” by AIST, display of various rocks, fossil diggings, a short facility tour in “Institute of GeoHistory” with mini-field excursion, etc.
    (6) Open forum to find local specialties in Yoshii (13:00 – 15:00)
    Prof. Yo-ichiro OTOFUJI (jGnet) and the citizens of Susai, Yoshii and Akaiwa

  3. Memorial International Conference
  4. date: October 15 (Sunday)
    place: Okayama International Center, 2-2-1 Houkan-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama 700-0026
    (Tel: +81-86-256-2905)

    (1) Reception (09:30 – 10:00)
    (2) Session 1: Early history of the Earth (10:00 – 12:00)
    Convener: Prof. Tsuyoshi KOMIYA (Tokyo Univ.) and Prof. Shoichi KIYOKAWA (Kyushu Univ.),
    Speaker: 6 researchers in Japan.
    (3) Session 2: Tectonics of the Asian continent and surrounding area (13:00 – 15:00, *in English)
    Convener: Prof. Tetsumaru ITAYA (jGnet) and Prof. Hyesu YUN (Institute of Mineral And Energy Resources (IMER), Korea),
    Speaker: Prof. Shigeyuki SUZUKI (Okayama Univ., jGnet), Prof. Yo-ichiro OTOFUJI (jGnet), Prof. Hyesu YUN (IMER) and Dr. Ngo Xuan THANH (Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (HUMG), Vietnam, jGnet) and Prof. Yasuhito OSANAI (Kyushu Univ., jGnet)
    (4) Session 3: Development of human resources in geological field, and its problem (15:00 – 17:00)
    Convener: Dr. Hiroyuki Takeshita and Dr. Koshi Yagi (HIGC, jGnet),
    Panelist: Prof. Takao HIRAJIMA (Kyoto Univ.), Kazuya KAWAKATSU (Nishiwaki High school, jGnet), Dr. Yasuuchi KUBOTA (Oyo Co.), Prof. Hyunkoo LEE (IMER, jGnet).
    (5) After party (18:00 – 20:30)
    place: (same room in the sessions)
    fee: about 6,000JPY

jGnet office (+81-86-201-3131 / office@jgnet.org)

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